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Glencoe, IL Child Support Attorneys

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Glencoe, IL Child Support Attorneys

One of the most important factors in the successful upbringing of children is the stable provision of their needs in all aspects of life. While divorce and separation of parents are not always avoidable, what the law protects is the continuous resources that children need in order to grow up as well-rounded individuals.

divorce lawyers St. LouisDivorce may assure the separation of both of the child’s parents. But it doesn’t mean that only one will be left to do all the parenting. The typical situation is that one parent will be in charge of the day-to-day life and activities of the child while the other can contribute significantly by providing adequate financial resources, which in this case is called child support. In such cases, the court will be the one to thoroughly lay out the distribution of time-sharing, income, and other factors between the two parents.

For the court, for us, and, obviously, for you, the well-being of the child is the top priority in such situations. This means that regardless of who will be in charge of the payments and the daily responsibilities, Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law is here to provide you with all the appropriate legal services needed to accomplish the best-case scenario for your child support proceedings. We are a highly regarded law firm that specializes in family law, and we are here to provide you with a skilled and compassionate Glencoe, IL child support attorney who will work for the best of your children!

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Child Support Calculation

fathers rights lawyersIdeally, both parents must contribute to the financial resources involved in raising their children. However, the best that most can do is to divide the responsibilities.

The most common situation that happens in child support cases is that the parent with more custodial rights and responsibilities will be the receiver of financial resources from the other parent. The idea is that the custodial parent is already providing for the other needs of the child.

Of course, there can be special circumstances that render this arrangement too simple or inapplicable, such as when the custodial parent is the one who has a higher net income of the two. The top-notch legal team that you will get from Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law can do all the assessment of your situation so we can present in court the best course of action.

Here are some of the factors that we and the court will consider in deciding on your Glencoe, IL child support case:

1. Monthly income of each parent
2. Other financial resources, such as social security, insurance, income from business
3. Number of children that will be supported
4. Amount of spousal support, if any
5. Physical time spent by each parent with the children as allowed by the custodial arrangements
6. Care-related expenses like school fees and health insurance

We understand that many parents would want to focus more on the aspects of child custody that involve the time and opportunities that they can have with their children. So as your legal team, you can trust that we can handle every legal matter in the financial aspect of your case. We will make sure that your financial interests are protected while guaranteeing the welfare of your child.

You can get a Glencoe, IL child support attorney here at Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law. We are dedicated to achieving the best possible result for all cases that we handle. This is because we don’t treat our cases as just mere work. We are also concerned with the well-being of all our clients. This applies to how we will persuade the court to decide what will work best for you and your child.

Child Support Enforcement

As a general rule, child support arrangements are only applicable only until the child’s 18th birthday or until they finish high school, whichever goes second.

child support enforcement lawyersThere are exemptions to this rule, of course. When a child has a significant disability or medical situation that lasts until adulthood, the court may enforce the continuance of child support payments beyond the regular age-based deadline.

What happens if a parent is uncooperative on his or her child support obligations? Child support enforcement can be filed to the court so they can assert legal action against the parent. Some resolutions include property liens, business liens, wage garnishment, or sometimes even jail time. So if your ex-spouse is not paying on time or at all, you can contact us for help in filing for a child support enforcement action to the court. We are always ready to provide everything you need no matter how the uncooperative parent may make the situation complicated.

Child Support Modification

st louis child support modification lawyerAnother important aspect of child support cases is child support modification. This is a legal action that changes certain parts of the original child support agreement due to court-validated reasons. Situations like job loss, promotion, changes in work schedule, medical emergencies, and other special needs may be enough to compel the court to review and adjust your child support arrangements.

As your legal service provider for your Glencoe, IL child support case, we can work with the Department of Child Support Services as we help you understand and be informed about the systems and processes involved in child support cases. We will make sure to have a complete analysis of your case so all our arguments can be airtight and effective. If your interests or the well-being of your child is being compromised by the other party, we will thoroughly investigate the situation and carry out the necessary legal action to protect what must be protected.

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Davis Logo 300x96 Glencoe, IL Child Support AttorneysThe financial resources involved in raising a child are not just about practicality. Many aspects of a child’s life heavily depend on how stable and adequate their financial resources are. So as you focus on ensuring that you will be spending enough time with your kid, we can handle all the technicalities of your Glencoe, IL child support situation.

As a leading law firm that specializes in family law, Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law is confident that we can give you the best chance in guaranteeing adequate financial support for your children. Just give us a call and let’s talk about what we can do to help.

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