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Glen Carbon, IL Domestic Violence Attorneys

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Glen Carbon, IL Domestic Violence

Dealing with domestic violence can be messy, sensitive, and downright stressful. The victims can even be hesitant, ashamed, or afraid to press charges due to the fact that their abuser is a family member. Fortunately, the whole thing can be better addressed with the legal expertise of our Glen Carbon, IL domestic violence lawyers.

domestic abuse attorney 1024x681 1 300x200 Glen Carbon, IL Domestic ViolenceDavis and Associates, Attorneys at Law is a trusted law firm that’s been practicing family law for a long time now. Our team is composed of professional lawyers who will ensure that not only are you protected from your abuser but that he/she will be appropriately penalized as well. We’ll help you file for a protection order and represent you before the court to ensure that your rights are exercised and protected.

If, on the other hand, you are the one being accused of committing domestic violence, rest assured that our lawyers can come to your defense as well. We can help get your charges dropped or reduced or get a non-guilty verdict—whichever is the most favorable possible result.

Regardless of where you stand, however, rest assured that if you are facing issues concerning domestic violence, our experienced and proactive family lawyers can offer and execute a smart and effective legal solution.

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Defining Domestic Violence

Domestic violence in Missouri is defined as acts of assault that transpired between household members or family members. These include:

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  • Spouses
  • Former spouses
  • People related by blood or marriage
  • People who are currently residing together or have formerly resided together
  • People who are or have been in a continuing romantic or intimate relationship
  • People who have a child together (regardless of whether they were ever married or have resided together in the past)

The abuse doesn’t have to be in the form of physical violence alone. It also pertains to threatening behaviors like stalking, isolating, and controlling. And in Missouri, domestic violence is classified into four degrees: one being the most severe and four being the least serious case of violence.

Domestic Violence in the 4th Degree is a Class A misdemeanor which, following a conviction, has the following corresponding penalties: (1) up to 1 year in jail and (2) up to $2000 in fines. However, if a person is already convicted of 4th-degree domestic violence two or more times, the charge may turn into a Class E felony whole penalties include up to four years in jail.

Domestic Violence in the 3rd Degree is a Class E felony that involves knowingly causing physical injury, pain, or illness; and the attempt to do it. This may come in the form of reckless conduct to endanger the victim, putting the victim in an unsafe environment, stalking, or isolating the victim. This is punishable with up to 4 years in jail and up to a $10,000 fine.

Domestic Violence in the 2nd Degree pertains to cases where the offender knowingly or recklessly causes serious physical injury or physical injury by means of a deadly weapon or strangulation. This is a Class D felony which, after a conviction, is punishable by up to 7 years in jail and up to $10,000 in fines.

Domestic Violence in the 1st Degree is when the offender attempted to kill, knowingly caused serious physical injury, or attempted to cause serious physical injury. This is a Class B felony and is punishable by 5 to 15 years in prison. If, however, serious physical injury has been inflicted, the charge will become a Class A felony and punishable by 10-30 years in jail, or life in prison.

If you want to know more about what to expect in terms of penalties and required legal actions, don’t hesitate to ask all your questions to our Glen Carbon, IL domestic violence lawyers. We’ll guide you every step of the way and make sure that you’ll have a clear idea of what would likely happen by the end of your case.

Legal Protection from Violence

A lot of domestic violence victims are afraid to speak against their offenders due to the fear of retaliation or worsening abuse. Fortunately, with the help of our proactive and efficient Glen Carbon, IL domestic violence lawyers, you can quickly file for legal protection during and after your case is on trial.

Protection orders from the court generally prohibit contact and communication between the alleged victim and the alleged offender. It can also contain terms that grant temporary child custody, forbid the offender from communicating with the victim in any form, and prohibit the offender from visiting the victim’s home, workplace, school, and family members’ homes.

domestic violence segment 300x199 Glen Carbon, IL Domestic ViolenceTo receive the full order of protection, the respondent (offender) will have to consent to the order or a hearing must be held for the judge to decide if a full order of protection is necessary. The order, once granted, will then be valid for a minimum of 180 days but no more than 1 year. However, the judge can decide to automatically renew it for the following year.

Moreover, if immediate, temporary protection is necessary while waiting for the hearing, you can file for an ex parte order. No matter what you need, however, Davis and Associates, Attorneys at Law will ensure that we’ll take the necessary legal action with precision and efficiency to protect you, your family, and your rights.

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Domestic violence is an ugly problem to deal with. It involves acts of assault that are already bad regardless of who did them to whom. But they’re even made worse by the fact that they transpired between people who have close or familial relationships—people who are supposed to look after the well-being of one another.

However, no matter how scary, painful, or somehow embarrassing (not everyone can handle the bad impression on their family) it is to deal with domestic violence head-on, it’s important to put your and your family’s safety first. Take the proper legal course of action with the help of our Glen Carbon, IL domestic violence lawyers now!

Whether the abuse is happening to you, another family member, or someone else you knew, acquire our legal service as soon as possible. We’ll help make sure that no further assault will be done and the offender will be appropriately punished.

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